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"Route l'amour perdu"

Title Route l'amour perdu
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Big Band
DateOctober 2019
StyleContemporary Jazz (feature for piano, trombone and trumpet)
KeyFm - F
Meter4/4 - 3/4
Tempo74-82 BPM


A musical score excerpt
  • Alto Saxophone 1-2 (doubling on Flute), Tenor Saxophone 1-2 (doubling on Clarinet in Bb), Baritone Saxophone (doubling on Bass Clarinet);
  • Trumpet 1-2-3-4 (open, bucket and cup mute), Trombone 1-2-3 (idem), Bass Trombone (idem);
  • Jazz Guitar, Piano (solo feature, doubling on lead synthesizer), Double Bass, Drums (sticks).


YouTube video of the big band composition Route l'amour perdu by Frans Absil Route l'amour perdu is a moderate tempo piece for big band in contemporary jazz style (straight 8ths). This composition has the following features:

  • Saxophone section players double on woodwinds (2 flutes, 2 clarinets in Bb, bass clarinet).
  • The main theme in the key of F minor, with many cluster voicings, is presented first in a statement by solo piano (m. 5-12), then repeated by the full band with brass in bucket mutes (m. 3-20), and returns at the end (m. 125-137).
  • Transitory sections that are full of imitation in all sections. These include the many sections in 3/4 meter (m. 21-28, 65-72, 85-92, and 117-124), and the development section (m. 29-56).
  • Bitonal and polychord harmony sections. These include the transition (m. 93-100) and the tutti sections in the key F major, the first presenting a combination of woodwinds and trombones (m. 101-108), followed by prominent open brass phrase (m. 109-116).
  • Two ad lib solos, for Trombone 1 (m. 57-64) and piano (m. 77-84) and a written-out 2nd trumpet solo (m. 101-108). The score contains template solos (as played in the audio demo version).
  • The keyboard player changes between piano and lead (monophonic) synthesizer, at one point using split hands (m. 31-34).

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