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Frans Absil Music, MP3 and SoundCloud Audio Demos

MP3 Audio Archive

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  1. Functional Music: pieces for film, documentary, ambiance and commercials.
  2. Band Music: compositions and arrangements for fanfare and concert band.
  3. Various: various orchestral, chamber and electronic music compositions.
  4. Videos: Link to YouTube channel video content.

Gradually, audio content will be moved to the SoundCloud account.

Click on the Title below to play the MP3 audio (160 kbps). For many pieces score excerpts are available on these pages.

Functional Music: pieces for tutorials, film, documentary and commercials

  • Schillinger Symmetric Harmonization of a Diatonic Melody (1'04), orchestral composition used in series of YouTube tutorials.
  • Layered Hexachords (2'24), example from YouTube tutorial on composing with polychords from pitch-class sets.
  • Sketching with Schillinger (4'14), orchestral composition used in series of YouTube tutorials.
  • Three-Motif Theme: Imitation, Diminution Hocket and Harmonization (1'54), for orchestra.
  • Double Exposure (3'32), composition for orchestra.
  • Exploring Stratospheres (2'33), composition for orchestra with Schillinger Strata Harmony.
  • Waltzing with R (3'00), orchestral composition example used in YouTube tutorial.
  • Chasing da Capo (3'04), a 128 BPM chase music cue for orchestra and synths.
  • Ini Kabal (2'29), a cue with 8th note rock mood in irregular meter and ABA form.
  • Nika Albi (1'12), Spitfire Audio Albion ONE Trailer scoring competition entry.
  • Reminiscing Our Unfathomable Liaison Amoureuse (5'43), Melancholic Waltz for Symphony Orchestra.
  • Police Precinct Five (2'12), Thrill Music Cue.
  • The Victorious Ride of Prince Uberti Speaker icon (7'36). Woodwind, brass, percussion and strings (Epic Orchestral, 9.1 Mb)
  • Under the Spell of Orlua (7'18), Fantasy Music for Orchestra with Percussion Group.
  • Zenobia's Farewell (4'27), Woodwind, horns, keyboards, percussion and strings.
  • Tension Cue 13 Speaker icon (0'34). Synthesizers, brass, strings and percussion (Film music, 0.7 Mb)
  • Suite Benjamin Button Speaker icon (4'52). Woodwinds, horns, strings, percussion and electronic sounds (Film music 5.8 Mb).
  • Dr Faust in the Hall of Mirrors Speaker icon (3'48). String orchestra, harp, celesta, French horns and electronic sounds (Ambient Textures 2013, 4.4 Mb).
  • Fast Rhythm Speaker icon (2'31). Pulsating rhythms with rock rhythm group (Ambient Textures 2013, 2.8 Mb).
  • Strings in Stress Speaker icon (6'19). Orchestral and electronic suspense (Ambient Textures 2013, 7.2 Mb).
  • Slow Groove Speaker icon (6'51). Slow rock with synth solo (Ambient Textures 2013, 7.8 Mb).
  • Medium Bossa Speaker icon (3'48). Electro Latin - Bossa Nova 120 BPM (Ambient Textures 2013, 4.8 Mb).
  • Suspense Scape Speaker icon (3'33). Suspense atmosphere for strings, E-guitar and percussion (Ambient Textures 2013, 4.0 Mb).
  • Triumphant March Speaker icon (3'04). March for band and orchestra (Ambient Textures 2013, 3.5 Mb).
  • Dimanche Bleu Speaker icon (3'10). Film music theme for accordion, guitar and strings (XmasTextures 2012, 3.8 Mb).
  • Soundscape #12 Speaker icon (4'06). Relaxed mood soundscape and moderate rock (Xmas Textures 2012, 4.9 Mb).
  • Slow Suspense Speaker icon (4'36). Slow suspense soundscape (Xmas Textures 2012, 5.2 Mb).
  • Emostrings Speaker icon (5'58). Mood Music for string quartet and orchestra (XmasTextures 2012, 6.8 Mb).
  • Film music for "The Entertainment Experience" (TEE Project 2012, 3.7-9.2 Mb):
  • Preludes for a Well-Tempered Nature (Semaine du Son 2011 project):
    • Shock and Awe Speaker icon (1'11). Volcanic activity (Iceland/Hawaii) soundscape, dissonant brass chords (1.3 Mb).
    • Savannah Shuffle Speaker icon (1'16). Elephant infrasound communication signals, African percussion ensemble (1.4 Mb).
    • Black Gravity Speaker icon (1'05). Gravitation waves, emitted by spiralling black holes, 12-tone string chords (2.4 Mb);
    • Trapped Speaker icon (1'11). Mouse and rat ultrasound distress calls, reverb piccolo and flutes (1.3 Mb);
    • Switched on Bubbles Speaker icon (1'15). Flowing water with air bubbles, synthesizer counterpoint and pizzicato strings (1.4 Mb);
    • Rock in Space Speaker icon (2'18). Solar wind, Jupiter and Saturn electro-magnetic signals, 16-th rock (2.6 Mb);
    • Whaling and Wailing Speaker icon (1'07). Killer and Beluga whale feeding and echolocation sounds, 12-tone series for harp, celesta and vibraphone (2.5 Mb).
  • Going to Church (Ter Kerke Gaan) Speaker icon (4'36). Chorale theme with variations for choir and organ (Film music for the Harenkarstival 2008 Project, 5.2 Mb).
  • Venetian Violins Speaker icon (2'26). Fast tune in classical/rock style for studio orchestra and electric guitar (2.5 Mb).
  • On Purpose Speaker icon (1'04). Title music for management course video tapes (1.2 Mb).
  • Un épisode à la campagne Speaker icon (7'40). Main theme orchestral music for French countryside movie (9.2 Mb).
  • Shotgun Soliloquy Speaker icon (2'11). Western mood piece for solo trumpet and orchestra (2.5 Mb).

Band Music: compositions and arrangements for fanfare and symphonic wind band

Listen to the audio file, read additional information in the Band Music Guide >>, or buy/order sheet music from the Webshop/Store >>.

Other Music: various compositions

Videos: YouTube channel content