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"Police Precinct Five"

Title Police Precinct Five
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Studio Orchestra
StyleMedium rock, shuffle, thrill music cue (film, tv)
Tempo104 BPM


A musical score excerpt
  • Horns in F 1-2-3-4;
  • Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums and Toms (2 players);
  • String section: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Contrabass.


The score of 'Police Precinct Five', a medium tempo shuffle rock piece (steady 104 BPM tempo), is a thrill music cue. The structure and main elements of this piece are:

  • Rhythmically there are two elements at work. In the percussion (drums and toms) we hear an Euclidian rhythm, here E(5,12) in a 12/8 meter (shuffle rhythm in 4/4 time signature). This is used in two permutations (3+3+2+2+2+2)+(3+2+2+2+3), with subdivisions of the rhythmical units. There also is a cross-rhythm, with straight 8ths vs. the shuffle pattern; we find this in the rhythm group.
  • The introduction, m. 1-8, establishes the groove for drums, toms and electric bass guitar (played with pick). At the end the electric guitar (also pick) joins by playing in parallel tenths (octave plus third) with the bass. Four horns play a 4-part break pattern (note dynamics and fall), on the dominant E-altered chord.
  • In [A], m. 9, both guitars continue in parallel riff patterns, concluding with a tom break and another horn section signal.
  • Section [B], m. 15, adds a high string unisono melody, while there is the cross-rhythm between drums and guitars.
  • The first bridge section [C], m. 23, features an imitative phrase in the upper strings, over a chromatically ascending bass (bass guitar and lower strings).
  • A unisono countersubject is presented by four horns in section [D], m. 31, and repeated in two-part setting for horns and strings (parallel 5ths), at increasing dynamics (to ff).
  • The next bridge section [E], m. 39, is a rhythmic diminution of the earlier bridge. Upper string phrases are doubled in the piano right hand.
  • In the coda [F], m. 43, the rhythm section builds to a closing climax, with a sustained harmonic dominant pedal point in the upper strings, and ascending arpeggio signals for unisono horns.

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