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"Nika Albi"

Title Nika Albi, the white-haired goddess to whom I surrender
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Symphony Orchestra
StyleAllegro misterioso, movie trailer music
KeyAtonal (Pitch-Class Set)
Meter4/4 (various)
Tempo113 BPM


A musical score excerpt
  • Piccolo, Flute 1-2, Oboe 1-2, English Horn, Clarinet in Bb 1-2, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon 1-2, Contrabassoon;
  • Horns in F 1-2-3-4, Trumpet in C 1-2-3-4, Trombone 1-2-3, Bass Tuba;
  • Harp, Piano, Celesta, Xylophone, Orchestral Percussion (3 players: Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Timpani, Triangle);
  • String section: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Contrabass.


The short film music composition 'Nika Albi, the white-haired goddess to whom I surrender' is my entry to the January 2018 Spitfire Audio scoring competition. This cue is the music to the Albion ONE 10th Anniversary trailer movie.

The music is atonal and based on the pitch-class set 5-Z17, with pitch-classes {0,1,3,4,8} and interval vector [212320]. From this set a theme, riff pattern and two 4-part chord structures were derived. The set is used in its Prime Form with transpositions T1 and T4; at this transposition there are two overlapping pitches. TIP: Use the Pitch-Class Set property inspector on this website (follow the links in the Document Library).

The fixed music tempo (113 BPM) was determined using the Film Music Tempo Calculator tool (also on this website). The Midi mockup, created in Logic Pro, uses the Spitfire Audio symphonic library samples, and the Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Grandeur piano. The contrabass part is doubled with a subbass synthesizer (sine wave). The music cue is divided into four subsections:

  • (0:00), m. 1-11: Introduction with press reviews;
  • (0:23), m. 12-18: Albion ONE 10th Anniversary product announcement;
  • (0:38), m. 19-25: Recording the sample library in the studio;
  • (0:51), m. 26-35: Home studio application by the composer.

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