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"Harenkarstival 2008 Concert Music"

Title Harenkarstival 2008 Concert Music
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Extended Wind Orchestra
DateJanuary - December 2007
StyleVarious styles (classical, march, rock, latin)
KeyVarious keys
MeterVarious (4/4)
TempoVarious tempi


A musical score excerpt


  • Piccolo, Flute 1-2, Oboe 1-2 (English Horn), Bassoon, Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet 1-2-3, Bass Clarinet;
  • Alto Saxophone 1-2, Tenor Saxophone 1-2, Baritone Saxophone;
  • French Horn 1-2-3, Trumpet 1-2-3, Trombone 1-2-3-4, Baritone 1-2, Tuba (Eb Bass, Bb Bass);
  • Timpani, Percussion (2 players: bar chimes, bass drum, castanets, claves, congas, cowbell, grain-filled bamboo cylinder, guiro, hand drum, maracas, pair of cymbals, shaker, suspended cymbal, tambourine, tam-tam, temple blocks, timbales, triangle, whip, woodblocks), Mallets (glockenspiel, marimba, tubular bells, vibraphone, xylophone)


  • Jazz/Electric Guitar, Piano (Keyboard), Synthesizer (Electronic Keyboard), Double Bass/Bass Guitar, Drums


  • Solo Vocals (Female Alto, Male voice, Children), Soloists (Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Accordion), Mixed Choir (Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass), Children's Choir, Church Organ, Street Organ, Sound Effects (wind, lightning and thunder).


This set of theatre and concert music compositions for extended wind orchestra was commissioned for the Harenkarspel Music Project 2008, a.k.a. Harenkarstival 2008. The collection consists of the following titles:

  1. Instrumental overture De strijd tegen het water (Fighting the Sea). Duration: 7'50 (224 mm.). Tempo/style: Andante (76 bpm) - Allegro (192 bpm). Key: Bb - F - Ab - F. Description: a symphonic poem, depicting nature in the low lands near the sea and man's effort to fight the water (storms and flooding), building dikes and polders. Instrumentation for orchestra, chorus and sound effects. Completed: March 2007.
  2. Song Werken op het land (The Farm Worker's Song). Duration: 3'45 (172 mm.). Tempo/style: Andantino (92 bpm). Key: Gm - Dm - Fm -Cm. Description: This song describes the struggle of the early farmers, trying to make a living of the land and fighting their lords. Musically, there is a gradual transition from a medieval style and mood, towards a more contemporary setting. Completed: February 2007.
  3. Instrumental Oorlog in de polder (War in the Low Lands). Duration: 6'25 (179 mm.). Tempo/style: Andante (76 bpm) - Moderato (102 bpm) - Allegro (122 - 132 bpm). Key: Bb - F - Fm - Gm - Ab - F. Description: this symphonic piece depicts the wars fought over the last centuries against intruders. A number of anthems and traditionals represent the parties involved. After winning the battle there is a hymn to liberty. Completed: May 2007.
  4. Chorale Ter kerke gaan (Going to Church). Duration: 4'00 (123 mm.). Tempo/style: Andante (88 bpm) - Allegro (144 bpm). Key: D-dor, Bb, Gm, E-Phrygian, A-Mixo-Lydian. Description: this is a chorale theme with variations for church organ and mixed choir. Five church organs from the Harenkarspel community are featured (in a crossfade audio mix), with an introduction and coda with mixed choir. Completed: February 2007.
  5. Instrumental Radio Rumba. Duration: 5'35 (174 mm.). Tempo/style: Latin - Cha-cha (120 bpm) - Bolero (76 bpm) - Guaracha (180 bpm) - Conga (120 bpm). Key: F - Fm - Eb - Ab. Description: a compilation of cheerful and moody Latin pieces, for 3 soloists (trumpet, tenor and baritone saxophone) and orchestra. Essential parts for rhyhtm and percussion section. Completed: April 2007.
  6. Song Werken in de bouw (The builder's song). Duration: 3'35 (68 mm.). Tempo/style: Moderate blues (76 bpm). Key: F. Description: A swinging organ blues with a groove, in praise of the achievements of the building companies in the area. Mainly in big band setting with solo vocals, choral riffs and an ad lib solo for tenor saxophone. Completed: May 2007.
  7. Song De dorpskermis (Village Fair). Duration: 4'25 (156 mm.). Tempo/style: Andante (68 bpm) - Allegro (86 bpm) - Up-tempo March (136 bpm) - Waltz - Rock - Polka. Key: F - Eb. Description: a cheerful song for children's choir and mixed choir, intertwined with mixed layers of village fair waltzes and polkas. Completed: February 2007.
  8. Instrumental Pauze muziek (Intermission music). Duration: 1'00 (30 mm.). Tempo/style: Medium funk rock (124 -116 bpm). Key: F. Description: a rock riff, building up to a climax by adding instrumental layers. To be played after the intermission, and serving as a background to the announcer. Completed: May 2007.
  9. Film music Harenkarspel in Taferelen (Harenkarspel in Scenes). Duration: 10'15 (311 mm.). Tempo/style: Various (polka, march, waltz, tango, swing, 76 - 124 -160 bpm). Key: Bb - G- Bb - Eb - F - Bb. Description: this music is meant for playing live with the film; it therefore has various moods (serious, hilarious, dance, thrill) to comment on the scenes. Completed: December 2007.
  10. Song Finale - Identiteit (Finale - Identity). Duration: 7'50 (207 mm.). Tempo/style: Andante (92 bpm) - Allegro (112 bpm) - Moderate Rock (80 bpm). Key: Eb-F. Description: singers and chorus comment on the identity and characteristics of the local community. Opera-style setting with popular song closing. Completed: July 2007.