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"The FRAMUS Experience"

Title Film Music for "The Entertainment Experience" movie
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Software sequencer and samples
DateDecember 2011 - May 2012
StyleFilm music cues in various styles


A musical score excerpt
  • Apple Logic Pro Sequencer and DAW, Native Instruments plugins and samples.


The "Entertainment Experience" movie (a crowd-generated project supported by the Ziggo company) is subdivided into eight episodes. I submitted film music for a number of episodes. The list below gives a short description of the musical material:

  • Episode 2 (08'00). Suspense music in high woodwinds supports the mood of the scenes (bedroom of Tobias, Merel and Lieke upstairs, and the tension between Remco Albrecht and his wife Tineke). The source music at Remco's birthday party is a very relaxed bossa nova with a high violin lead melody, intertwined with a threatening low drone as his pregnant mistress Nadja shows up.
  • Episode 3 (06'20). The birthday party continues. A slow jazz waltz in Mancini-Shearing style serves as source music. Nadja explains her pregnancy to business partners Wim and Bert as the result of a Japanese affair; hear the dissonant organ and the pentatonic runs in the celesta, with asian metal percussion. Merel and Lieke have their doubts and get drunk. Musical tension provided by low percussion, drones and weird echoes.
  • Episode 4 (09'18). Company director Remco Albrecht is confronted with the business intrigues of his partners Wim and Bert. Nadja also is entangled in their web and becomes scared. The all-interval pitch-class sets are used in various transformations and combinations, yielding a counterpoint ABCH (AlBreCHt) theme. The night scene at the warehouse is supported by a 16th note rock riff (bass guitar, drums, strings and horns) with an ad lib piano solo.
  • Episode 5 (10'00). Hotel scene with Merels ('La merle enchantée') failed attempt at seducing Remco, over a slow bossa nova for strings, electric organ and rhythm. Once again there is the AlBreCHt theme, in dissonant counterpoint settings, while Remco tells the car accident story. Fibonacci series (1-3-4-7-11) is used for form, chord structures and rhythm. A jazz waltz serves as restaurant source music when Merel and Lieke meet.
  • Episode 6 (08'22). Remco finally surrenders to Wim and Bert, sells the company and returns home. Flashbacks summarize the dirty game played by Nadja and her partners in crime, supported by dissonant chords. Tobias and Merel leave in the car (16th rock with synthesizer solo) to find out about the Nadja's pregnancy ('Nachtmusik' mood). The instrumentation contrasts a 'western' harpsichord for Remco with a 'far east' marimba for Nadja, and accordion with tango nuevo for Merel.
  • Episode X (04'44). The leftovers. This set contains arpeggiated chords for strings, harp, electric guitar, electric piano over a pedal point harmony. There are two dissonant synthesizer string pad quarter-tone clusters with percussive delay-echo background. The set concludes with a solid rock groove with hammond organ and electric piano solo ad lib.

Audio excerpts:

  • Audio excerpts of the film music for "The Entertainment Experience" episodes are available in the MP3 Audio Archive on this website.

The Entertainment Experience Website:

  • The Website with video episodes of 'The Entertainment Experience' film is no longer online (discontinued).