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"Aiba Kiln, Folk Tune from Brexitania"

Title Aiba Kiln, Folk Tune from Brexitania
ComposerF.G.J. Absil
Instrum.Soloists and Studio Orchestra
StyleSlow concert piece
KeyC - F - Gb
TempoSlow 62-66 BPM


A musical score excerpt
  • Solo players: Trumpet in Bb, Flute and Violin;
  • Brass: Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone 1-2-3, Tuba;
  • Rhythm: Electric Guitar, Electric Piano ;
  • 4 Synthesizers (from the Native Instruments Komplete collection): NI FM8 (Shimmer Keys), NI Reaktor Prism (Arctic Winds), NI FM8 (Skypad Wineglass), NI Massive (Appareo);
  • String section: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Contrabass.


YouTube video of the composition Aiba Kiln, Folk Tune from Brexitania by Frans Absil This slow and gentle orchestral piece 'Aiba Kiln, Folk Tune from Brexitania' for studio orchestra features three soloists. The form is three statements of a main theme and a middle modulating bridge section.

Here's a formal breakdown of this short composition:

  • (m. 1-2) Tonic pedal point opening for strings and synthesizers.
  • (m. 3-12) In Section [A] the solo trumpet plays the main theme in C with folk character over a string background with chromatically descending lines. The melody has sentence structure (ABAB).
  • (m. 13-20) Section [B] is the 2nd main theme statement, now for solo flute and solo violin in the key of F. The background is for sustained strings, with 1st violins doubling the lead part.
  • (m. 21-33) The bridge, Section [C], features electric guitar arpeggios, electric piano chords, and synthesizers (arpeggios, sustained chords and pedal point). Solo flute, violas and cellos play melodic fragments in imitation. It gradually introduces the new key Gb.
  • (m. 34-41) Section [D] presents the main theme as a brass chorale with chromatic harmony.
  • (m. 42-43) The brief coda repeats the main theme last phrase, for flute, solo violin and strings.

Additional Material: