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DAW sequencer tick and note timing for given metronome and BPM setting

Note and Sequencer Tick Timing Tools - Version 1.3

Metronome Icon Select metronome marking Tempo indications [BPM] from the 6 input pull-down menus. The durations of the musical notes and corresponding software sequencer ticks (see left columns) will be calculated in milliseconds [ms] and displayed in the table cells below. Use this information for the (free) timing of musical events and reverb or delay sound effect timing. [More user guidelines >>]

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Metronome Markings Input
Tempo (BPM):
Note Sequencer Ticks Tempo [BPM] and durations [ms]
(length as fraction) Logic Cubase T1 [ms] T2 [ms] T3 [ms] T4 [ms] T5 [ms] T6 [ms]
1 (whole note)                
1/2 (half note)                
1/4 (quarter note)                
1/8 (eight note)                
1/16 (sixteenth note)                

Guidelines for the user

This JavaScript GUI provides a timing tool for computer sequencers. Given a number of tempo indications, the duration of all note lengths will be calculated and displayed in a table. Use this GUI as follows:

  • The Metronome Markings Input section at the top consists of a set of 6 pull-down menus. The tempo domain between 30 and 260 beats per minute (BPM) is covered in discrete steps. Select any combination of six tempo indications.

  • After selecting a value from the tempo pull-down menu the durations of the notes (see the 1st column with the label Note) and their equivalent number of ticks in the Logic and Cubase computer software sequencer (see the columns labeled Sequencer Ticks) will be calculated and displayed in the table cells.

  • Press Reset tempos to return to the default tempo settings in the pull-down menus.

  • Note lengths are indicated in fractions. Length 1 corresponds to a whole note (i.e., 4 quarter notes), 1/2 to a half note, 1/4 to a quarter note, etc. Dotted notes are indicated as: 3/4 (dotted half note), 3/8 (dotted quarter note), etc. Triplets are indicated as: T[1/3] (half-note triplet), T[1/6] (6 quarter notes to the whole note), T[1/12] (8th note triplets), etc. The last four rows present non-musical tick lenghts (40, 30, 20 and 10 in Logic, with no equivalent musical notation).

  • Durations T1 to T6 are indicated in milliseconds [ms] with 2 decimal digits precision. E.g., 62.50 means a duration of 62 milliseconds and 500 microseconds.

  • Use this GUI for a loose timing in sequencer music (removing strict quantization, which sounds very mechanical and robot-like). Each musical part will receive its own timing, before, on, or after the beat. Pick the desired time delay at the given musical tempo, then find the number of corresponding sequencer ticks. This GUI is also useful for timing mixer effect plugins such as reverb and delay (sound effects).