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Record pedal setting changes in music for the concert harp

Harp Pedal Settings - Version 1.2

Current Pedal Settings
 Db  Cb  Bb  Eb  Fb  Gb  Ab
 D   C   B   E   F   G   A 
 D#  C#  B#  E#  F#  G#  A#
Setting history:
Record #:
Pedal Harp
New Pedal Settings
 Db  Cb  Bb  Eb  Fb  Gb  Ab
 D   C   B   E   F   G   A 
 D#  C#  B#  E#  F#  G#  A#
Pedal Changes in Score

Guidelines for the user

This JavaScript GUI may assist the composer/arranger with notating harp pedal changes. It compares the current pedal settings with the required new diatonic pitch collection and then generates the text string with pedal changes that should be notated in the musical score. It also has a recorded history of pedal settings, to return to an earlier position in the score (current maximum number of records: 20).

This GUI is divided into various sections (discussed counterclockwise):

  • The upper left corner has two sets of radio buttons, representing the current pedal settings and the new pedal settings. There is a radio button for every set of diatonic strings; upper notch for flats, middle notch for naturals, and lower notch for sharps. Put ticks in the (lower) radio buttons to represent the changes in the diatonic pitch sets on the pedal harp.

  • The lower left corner has the text output field with the required pedal changes. It will show a text string, e.g., B to Bb / F to F# / A to Ab, that can now be notated in the musical score. The appropriate sequence of pedal changes will be respected; use the line "Did Columbus Bring | Enough Food Going to America" as a trick for memorizing left foot and right foot pedal placement. This field also gives information about the status of the GUI, e.g., it reports the actions taken after pressing a button. (NB: unfortunately, there is no natural sign in the HTML character set, only sharps and flats will be indicated). Do not enter text in this field; it is used for output only.

  • The Update settings button will replace the current pedal settings with the new values and will write the current pedal setting to the recorded history sequence. The process of updating will lead to a new intial situation, from where changes will be evaluated.

  • The Reset pedals button will put both the old and the current pedal settings in neutral position. This may be useful when a large number of modifications needs to be undone.

  • The -1 and +1 buttons in the upper right corner allow stepping through the recorded pedal setting history. The -1 button yields the previous pedal settings as the current values, the +1 button moves to the next record from the history. The current step from the history record is shown in the field Record #.

  • Depending on the status of the GUI, some buttons may be inactive.