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My links to music organisations, composers and orchestras, software tools

List of Links

Acoustic Guitar The table below contains links to organisations, companies, orchestras and musicians. I am either a member of these organisations, or I have provided music to their repertoire. Or I am a supporter to their activities. Also find a number of great public domain and open source software tools.

Name (Click on URL)Description
Buma/Stemra The Netherlands Music Copyright Organization.
Audio Modeling Expressive virtual instruments based on physical modeling, including SWAM woodwinds, solo strings and brass.
Sample Modeling Virtual instruments with hybrid sampling and modeling approach, including brass, solo and ensemble strings.
Native Instruments NI Komplete software, including the Kontakt sampler, Reaktor, many synthesizers and effects. Controller and audio interface hardware.
Vienna Symphonic Library Virtual instrument sample libraries, Vienna Ensemble Pro cross-platform network solution, MIR mixing and reverberation engine.
Spitfire Audio Virtual instrument sample libraries, including the Symphonic Library and the BBCO Symphony Orchestra. Scoring tools for film.
Arturia V Collection software, many legendary analog and digital synthesizers and instruments modeled. Controller and audio interface hardware.
Ample Sound Virtual instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, basses.
Modartt True modelling instruments. Pianoteq (pianos, keyboards) and Organteq.
Aaron Venture Infinite Series instruments with hybrid sampling and modeling approach, including woodwinds and brass.
Toontrack Virtual instruments, including Superior Drummer and expansion packs.
Steinberg Music software, including the Cubase DAW and Dorico music notation. Controllers and audio interfaces.
FabFilter Audio effect plug-ins, including EQ, compressor, limiter, reverb, de-esser, distortion.
Valhalla DSP Audio effect plug-ins, including reverb, delay, echo and modulation.
Affinity The Affinity Suite software for document and web content production, including Publisher, Photo and Designer.
Blaasmuziek Portal to Dutch webpages about wind music, concert bands, symphonic wind orchestras, fanfare and brass bands.
Metropole Orkest Using their own label: the world's leading jazz and pop orchestra (radio and studio orchestra).
Rick Beato Everything Music Great site for learning advanced aspects about jazz, classical, film and rock music (watch the collection of YouTube videos).
Pensado's Place Learn about audio mixing. Web TV channel of mixing engineer Dave Pensado.
Vince Mendoza Website of Vince Mendoza, composer, arranger and chief conductor of the Metropole Orkest.
Marinierskapel The Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, a professional symphonic wind orchestra with outstanding performances of both classical and popular music. They have on a couple of occasions played my arrangements.
Ricciotti Ensemble A small symphony orchestra (music students and excellent amateurs), with exotic projects and a unique approach to concert performance practice. I wrote a short symphonic poem, Caribbean Night for one of their concert tours.
Dutch Symphonic Wind Orchestra A symphonic wind orchestra with a mix of professionals and highly skilled amateurs, doing thematic summer and winter tours in Europe. In 2006 they commissioned the Blue Danube Makeover for their summer concert tour through France.
Nederlands Politie Orkest The semi-professional symphonic wind orchestra from the Netherlands police force. They recorded my arrangement of The Summer Knows on their CD The Strong Arm.
West Coast Big Band A semi-professional big band in the The Hague area, with lots of interesting projects and recent CDs. It's now quite a while since I was their band leader.
Sine Nomine Alkmaar Mixed Chamber Choir from the town of Alkmaar, North-Holland. This broad-minded vocal ensemble has been participating in Harenkarstival 2008.
The Schillinger Society Website, promoting the Schillinger System of Musical Composition through courses and a user forum.
Makemusic Finale The company behind the Finale music notation software.
TUG International TeX Users Group (public domain computer typesetting software).